The Banger Sisters

    In the late '60s it would have been hard to find a rock star who didn't have Suzette (Goldie Hawn) or Vinnie (Susan Sarandon) on his arm … or attached to his leg. But it's been more than two decades since The Banger Sisters earned their nickname, or even laid eyes on one another. Then when Suzette's world comes crashing down, she sets off in search of the one friend who might be able to rescue her, or at least give her a few thousand bucks. The reunion of The Banger Sisters is the collision of two women's worlds: one who's living in the past; one who's hiding from it. Together they learn the value of living in the moment. Academy Award®-winners Hawn (Cactus Flower) and Sarandon (Dead Man Walking) bring The Banger Sisters to life, with the help of Academy Award®-winner Geoffrey Rush (Shine), who plays Suzette's eccentric travel partner.

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