With the anticipation of Reese Witherspoon's already-buzzed-about performance in Jean-Marc Vallée's adaptation of Cheryl Strayed's memoir WILD hitting theaters this December 5, we have now officially entered the era of the Reesenaissance (or Reesurgence, Reesewakening, etc). The New York Times has realized this, and have today published a striking piece on Reese and her involvement in the project (she is a producer and optioned the movie from the get-go) and is over-all reaching Queen of Hollywood status. This part particularly struck a chord with us:

Ms. Witherspoon added: “I said to my producing partner, ‘If we can pull this off, this’ll be the first movie, I believe, I can’t recall, but that stars a woman that at the very end has no money, no man, no parents, no job, no opportunities, and it’s a happy ending.’ How important, how needing of that, are we? How late to the party are we?”

Indeed. Read the whole thing here!

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