On Monday a character the likes of which Toronto had never seen descended upon its film festival: DOM HEMINGWAY. Well, it was more Jude Law and the amazing cast (Richard E. Grant, Demian Bichir, Emilia Clarke and Madalina Ghenea) from the eponymous film, directed my maverick filmmaker Richard Shepard. The premiere went off without a hitch and a raucous Q&A went off directly afterwards. We think Matt Goldberg from Collider said it best:



...aaaand scene.

No one knows how to get down like the cast of this movie, as illustrated by our favorite shot of the night, Demian Bichir in front of a wall of fans outside the premeire:



Oh, did we say THAT was our favorite? What about cult icon Richard E. Grant and his Union Jack iPhone case?



Emilia Clarke looking radiant at our pre-party:



And here with the man of the hour, Jude Law himself:



We actually had a little drink with Richard, which means we basically drank with Withnail, so our bucket list is pretty much completed:


Here's a great shot of Demian and Jude outside the theater:


Check out more of our photographic adventures with DOM HEMINGWAY at TIFF 2013 on our Instagram, right here.

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