All this past week, we've been taking our new comedy THE WAY WAY BACK on the road with screenings, prizes, literal station wagon standees and tons of happy faces eager to part-take in Jim Rash and Nat Faxon's soon-to-be summer movie classic. We're going to be recapping the festivities on this here blog all summer, and expect cameo appearances from the movie's huge ensemble cast, and chances to win all sorts of cool stuff. 

Meanwhile, do you want to see the movie before anyone else? Keep your eyes peeled on the "Attend a Free Screening" section of the official film page for THE WAY WAY BACK, and if your town is listed, just request your free passes! Boom: It's as simple as that.

Oh, did we mention we have awesome Water Wizz (that's the slackitude-driven water park the film's characters work at in the film) T-shirts up for grabs (as with these happy movie-goers from Los Angeles!)?


See? Swag (Washington, D.C.).


Greetings from the way way back of THE WAY WAY BACK... rolling through Indianapolis, Indiana!


And here's what the people have been saying:


"Funny and poignant. It was a really good summer movie." --Dallas


"It was totally awesome! I was laughing throughout the entire movie. It was a totally unexpected treat!"--Detroit


"A great feel good summer movie with a lot of humor and heart. I loved Allison Janney!"--Denver (So did we... is it possible for a well-loved and critically lauded actor to have a second breakthrough?--Ed.)


"It was a very touching movie. Sam Rockwell was fantastic!"--Houston



So stay tuned to our blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more dispatches from the road with THE WAY WAY BACK! And if you can't make it to a screening, don't worry: the movie will be released in limited theaters July 5, 2013. 

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