Watch these new featurettes from THE SESSIONS

Ben Lewin's THE SESSIONS, starring John Hawkes and Helen Hunt, is out now in select theaters. The film's subject matter – the true story of a 38-year-old disabled poet/journalist who seeks to lose his virginity with the help of a sex therapist – might seem uncomfortable to some, but once you really delve into the life of Mark O'Brien (portrayed by Hawkes), your perception on disabilty, sexuality, and maybe even love, will be totally transformed. Check out these brand new featurettes for an idea of that the movie has in store for you.

"The Story", in which the cast and crew discuss the unusual-yet-heartwarming narrative of THE SESSIONS:

"The Women of Mark O'Brien", in which the cast and crew dissect the Mark's extraordinary love life:

THE SESSIONS is out now: find out where and when the film will be playing near you with our handy Theater Post!

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