Top Tweets: Hit The Rewind Button Edition, Part 2

After 127 HOURS Backwards last week, thanks to @knnth_dh for giving BLACK SWAN the rewind treatment. We can't say that watching the movie backwards will make it any less disturbing, but hey, worth a try? Keep reading for more of this weeks' Top Tweets after the jump!

It seems like many people leave BLACK SWAN with heightened body-morphic issues, and can we really blame them?

No offense, to @bnicketakis, but can people on Twitter stop making this joke? It's been a long week at Inside Searchlight HQ, and we just don't have the constitution for @charliesheen right now. Media blackout, please.

It's safe to say that if your Twitter screename includes the word "Jonas" (see also: Bieber, GaGa), you probably shouldn't watch BLACK SWAN with your parents. Or maybe you should, actually? Open to interpretation, it seems.

We chose this Tweet so we could post a photo of our favorite 127 HOURS-related merch item. Here it is.

The ultimate thirst-quencher.

If you have a tweet that you'd like us to see )and maybe post, who knows!) contact us via Twitter @foxsearchlight. Until next week...

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