Ronald does a pretty convincing Omar from the HBO program the Wire

Ronald Wilkes loves two things: insurance sales and the Wire. This clip has both.

In CEDAR RAPIDS, Isiah Whitlock Jr. plays Roanld Wilkes, a happy-go-lucky insurance salesman with a penchant for punchy acronyms and cable crime dramas. in The Wire, Isiah plays Senator Clay Davis, whose use of profanity usually provided a much-needed comis relief from the series' darker aspects. In CEDAR RAPIDS, Ronald is a hge Wire fan, and his favorite character is Omar Little, the charismatic hood (not played by Isiah). Makes sense? We know, sometimes meta can hurt your brain.

Here's a video of Ronald perfecting his Omar one-liners in the Brownstar offices:

Also, we still can't get over the Brownstar logo. 

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