iTunes Movie of the Week: Jonathan Glazer's SEXY BEAST (2000)

In an ongoing effort to make 2011 the best year Inside Searchlight has ever seen, we're inaugurating another (semi-) new weekly feature: iTunes Movie of the Week. Every Friday from now on, we will suggest a film from our ever-growing catalog as weekend viewing for all you Searchlight fans. This week, one of our personal faves: 2000's SEXY BEAST, starring Ray Winstone and Ben Kinglsey.

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SEXY BEAST is the story of Gary "Gal" Dove (Winstone), an ex-con, ex-villain who is living out his retirement with his adoring wife in a Spanish villa, far away from his sordid London past. His idyll is shattered, however, by the arrival of Don Logan (Kingsley, in an Oscar-nominated role), his old arch-nemesis, who is hell-bent on bringing Gal back to London for one last, big job. Locked in a power struggle with his demented enemy, Gal tries to hold onto his new life while banishing his old one for good. The film is also notable for including one of the best bank heist scenes, possibly ever. Trust.

Wikipedia has an interesting quote from producer Jeremy Thomas:

SEXY BEAST was the beginning of a new phase for me of working with first time filmmakers. Jonathan Glazer was a television commercials director in the UK, and a wonderful talent. We were sent this script which he was attached to, and out came this wonderful film. It was very stimulating having a first time talent... The dialogue as you see in this film is exceptional. I had never read a script like it, and I thought, this has got to be made. It was very difficult to get insurance on the film actually. When the American studio bought the film, their legal department said: "You cannot make this," but somehow it passed the censorship and got out there.

You can check out some reviews from the movie at the Official SEXY BEAST Website, including this one from Premiere, and this one from Film Comment. 

And for good measure, here's the trailer:

Enjoy the feature. If you have any suggestions for a film to highlight for iTunes Movie of the Week, feel free to tell us so on Twitter.

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