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You're a brave, brave soul. You're the first person to try a new, weird pan-Asian seafood dish at your local Thai place. When your camp counselor suggested white-water rafting in the 7th grade, you rose to the occasion with a glimmer in your eye. And when you saw James Franco saw his arm off with a penknife in 127 HOURS, you didn't even flinch, let alone pass out and leave the theater is disgrace. You deserve a free T-shirt.

We just launched, a new site fueled by us at Fox Searchlight, and the awesome 127 HOURS fans who didn't cave to the now-infamous amputation scene (which, honestly? Isn't even that bad). You can request your own free "I Kept My Eyes Open For 127 Hours" T-shirt, and check out what other real mavericks like yourself have been saying about the scene on Facebook and Twitter. Make sure to pick up your Facebook badge as well, just to show your resolve!

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