Sam Rockwell makes Thompson On Hollywood's Oscar Watch

Who knew that Thompson on Hollywood was such a Sam Rockwell fan? After singing the actor's praises in their new blog post on CONVICTION, they're putting him on "Oscar Watch"--meaning that the blog deems his gritty portrayal of wrognfully-convicted murder suspect Kenny Waters worthy of a Little Golden Man. 

Obviously, we agree, and as a bonus, TOH has posted a lengthy FlipCam interview with Sam that will give you even more insight how he decided to attack the character (and some tidbits on a couple of new projects he has coming up). Definitely a must-watch.

Oscar Watch: Rockwell Nails Conviction Role [via TOH]

If you have yet to see CONVICTION, the film just went wide, so make sure to check out our list of theatres to see where it's playing near you.

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