CRAZY HEART Wins Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Song!

CRAZY HEART's Jeff Bridges won his very first Oscar (following a total of five nominations, starting in the early 70s!) for Best Actor, and singer-songwriters Ryan Bingham and T Bone Burnett won the golden statue for "Best Original Song" for "The Weary Kind," the theme from CRAZY HEART. A big congrats to our winners! Now, check out video and stills from Sunday night.

You can watch Jeff's and Ryan's acceptance speeches on We did manage to find an embeddable version of Jeff's speech (not Ryan and T Bone's unfortunately) on YouTube that you can also see below along with various images from the night - just be warned that the quality of the video isn't great!

Be sure to also watch Jeff's and Ryan's "Thank You Cam" videos at - must viewing!

Great Quotes From the Night!

"I feel like an extension of them [his parents]. This is honoring them as much as it does me." Jeff's parents, who both worked in the entertainment industry, were the first people he thanked upon mounting the stage, and he held his statue up and looked skyward as he thanked them.

"I'd like to thank my wife Anna - I love you more than rainbows baby." Ryan Bingham's wife was the very first person he thanked.

"I'd like to leave on this note: that making movies is more than just entertainment. It's really letting us know that we're all the same - we're all in it together." Among Jeff's concluding comments on the "Thank You Cam."

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