(500) DAYS: A Video From the DVD, an AP Top Pick & More!

(500) DAYS OF SUMMER, a double Golden Globe award nominee and frequent award winner, is popping up on top ten lists galore for 2009, and Movie City News has got the scorecard to prove it. Plus, watch video of Firstshowing.net's big interview with writers Michael H. Weber and Scott Neustadter (pictured from left to right, above); video of a special feature from the DVD that's now for sale and other (500) DAYS-related tidbits...

Our movie blogger friend Alex Billington over at firstshowing.net declared (500) DAYS to be his favorite film of the year! Below you can watch the video from what he considers to be "THE definitive interview" with the writers of (500) DAYS OF SUMMER. Or, you can read the transcript - which is here. Either way, worth a gander.

MTV's "Hollywood Crush" blog introduced an exclusive DVD "Bonus Clip" from the new (500) DAYS OF SUMMER DVD in a post entitled "Learn Why The Love Story Is So Darn Genuine." The video's great. Watch writer Scott Neustadter detail two of the moments in the script that were based on his own life. The DVD is now available for purchase.

Check out (500) DAYS OF SUMMER's performance on critics' top ten lists for 2009 - it's the 13th highest scoring film of the year! Considering the number of movies that come out in any given year, let alone 2009, that's a real accomplishment. (Fox Searchlight''s FANTASTIC MR. FOX did even better - coming in at a whopping number seven on the list. Woohoo!) Check out Movie City News' "scoreboard" here.

The Associated Press is just the latest to issue a top ten list list which iincludes (500) DAYS:

What guy could resist a woman who thinks "Octopus's Garden" is the Beatles' best song and declares that sexual gymnastics in a porn video look "pretty doable"? Zooey Deschanel bewitches as the dream woman of a lonely romantic (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, the "3rd Rock From the Sun" co-star who reveals depths his sitcom never plumbed). First-time director Marc Webb's clever rewind, fast-forward style and enchanting fantasy moments capture the soaring highs and miserable lows of that thing called love...

Devra Maza over at The Huffington Post in her post about kissing says, "the best buss of this past year was not in a big film. It came in the small scale, but hugely charming, (500) DAYS OF SUMMER." Read all of "The Big Smooch: Start the New Year With a Movie Kiss" here:

And finally, remember when we featured that awesome music video for Hall & Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True" that was created by high school students. The young brain behind it is getting his due! Read The Seattles Times' "Clever work might make student's dreams come true" here.

I've included the video again too in case you missed it the last time. or, just want to watch it again - you gotta admit, it's catchy, and a good note to end your work day on. Cheers!

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