Exclusive MY LIFE IN RUINS Clips and Videos!

Never-Before-Seen Clips From the Movie & Behind-the-Scenes Videos Are Popping Up Everywhere...

Bask in video goodness below! And stay tuned for more videos to come.

BELOW: YAHOO is running an exclusive clip this week at the top of their homepage (sharing real estate with TRANSFORMERS and STAR TREK, no less). The clip includes a personalized intro from Nia, shot in Greece - click on the screen grab to go there now:


BELOW: MSN MOVIES is running an exclusive behind-the-scenes video about Nia Vardalos working with her parents. Again, click on the screen grab:


BELOW: NEW YORK MAGAZINE'S VULTURE BLOG ran an exclusive clip last week, which you can see by clicking here:


And AOL MOVIEFONE and FANDANGO are still to come... Stay tuned for a MY LIFE IN RUINS clip to be featured on AOL Moviefone as the "Clip of the Day," (it should go live today) and for another behind-the-scenes video to be featured on the Fandango this week as well!

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