CHOKE's Huston/Rockwell to Be Honored at CineVegas

CHOKE's Making a Splash at CineVegas!

This Year's CineVegas Film Festival, which starts on June 12th, will present its top award to legendary actress Anjelica Huston, one of its "Half Life" awards (which are meant for younger actors) to Sam Rockwell and will also screen Fox Searchlight's CHOKE, which they both star in.

From a post on Cinematical today:

"This year's top honor, the Marquee Award, will go to Anjelica Huston, the festival has announced, 'for her accomplishments in the film industry throughout her esteemed career.' By some stunning coincidence, Huston also has a film playing at the festival, the Chuck Palahniuk adaptation Choke...

"Finally, CineVegas gives out 'Half-Life Awards' to actors still in their prime who have already given terrific performances. Hard to argue with any of the four choices this year: Sam Rockwell, Rosario Dawson, Viggo Mortensen, and Don Cheadle. Rockwell is in the fest with Choke, and Dawson is in Explicit Ills. Cheadle's Vegas association comes through the Ocean's films, of course. And Mortensen? Well, he's just really awesome."

Read the entire post at Cinematical.

CHOKE opens In Theatres Across the Country September 26th

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