From the Mind Of... Clark Gregg (Pg. 3)

Clark Gregg gives instruction in the background, as Sam Rockwell, Chuck Palahniuk and Kelly Macdonald chat on set.


What character in a film or TV show are you jealous you didn't get to play?


"All of them. Tony Soprano, Murphy Brown, my professional jealousy knows no bounds."


Who in the business do you look to for inspiration, directly or indirectly?


"I've been lucky enough to know David Mamet and Bill Macy for almost 25 years. They taught me everything I know, first when I was at NYU and then doing plays with the company we formed, the Atlantic Theater Company in New York. Watching Hal Ashby movies made me want to make them. He made most of my favorite American films: 'The Last Detail,' 'Being There,' 'Harold and Maude,' 'Coming Home,' 'Shampoo.' Such an amazing blend of humor and pathos. He is the man in my book."

* * *

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