The NY Times On Fox Searchlight's Quest for Oscar

The New York Times penned a fascinating article recently on what they perceived as Fox Searchlight's take on how to generate Best Picture Oscar nominees, in "On the Bittersweet Road to Oscar, Again."

Check out some highlights from the article below, and click on the link above or the image to read the whole article.

  • "If this is finally to be the year for the robust specialty unit that was formed by 20th Century Fox some 13 years ago, ''The Darjeeling Limited'' is likely to be the film to make it so."
  • "...The real jolts come from encounters with the alien universe around [DARJEELING'S characters], perhaps lending just enough scope to let Fox Searchlight work its magic once again with voters of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences."
  • "[Fox Searchlight has] followed one basic rule with their best picture bets in the past: Let the audience lead."
  • "Both [Best Picture Oscar Nominees SIDEWAYS and LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE] started as critic- and crowd-pleasers. Both carried what many in Hollywood are beginning to see as the ministudio's trademark bittersweet comic sensibility."
  • "[Searchlight] can always turn to ''The Savages,'' another tragicomic trip ... tucked in [their] hip pocket for the year's end..."

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