Check out this in-depth interview with STOKER director Park Chan-wook from the Wall Street Journal's Speakeasy blog. If, like us, you have STOKER fever, you'll cherish this detailed account of his take on Wentworth Miller's script (did you know that PCW was the one that had the idea of the mysterious saddle shoes?), and of course, he's take on Spike Lee's Oldboy remake. Here's an excerpt:


    Do you identify yourself as a Korean filmmaker, with a Korean sensibility toward film?

    Well, I’m unsure. At least I never really intend to deliberately infuse some Korean sensibility into my films. At least not in “Stoker.” I will tell you, with the saddle shoes, it was something that was already in Wentworth’s script. But in Wentworth’s script, it was the function of India who likes to wear saddle shoes. But this whole idea of her getting a new pair of saddle shoes every year, from a mysterious gift-giver, it’s something that I added into the script as I was doing my own pass on the script. While I was doing that, I remember talking to everybody involved in the film at the time. In Korea, you never give a pair of shoes to someone you love because there is sort of a very Korean jinx that if you give someone you love a pair of shoes, they will wear it and they will run away from you.


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