Where Does DAY WATCH Fit Into the Trilogy?

DAY WATCH opens in the U.S. on June 1st. It is the sequel to NIGHT WATCH and thus the second installment of this fabled Russian trilogy. We've provided a re-cap of it all for you below!


These films center around the modern-day conflict between the Light and Dark forces of "Others:" supernatural humans and monsters (including vampires, witches, shape-shifters and sorcerers) who live among us. A thousand years ago the two sides called a truce to their fierce battles; the agreement entailed that the Dark Others would police the day -- and the Light Others would police the night.


NIGHT WATCH and its sequels are based on best-selling Russian sci-fi novels. NIGHT WATCH was released in Russia in July of 2004 and soared as the highest-grossing film in Russian cinematic history, out-pacing both SPIDERMAN 2 and LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING. Searchlight bought the international distribution rights to the film and it subsequently opened in American theaters in early 2006.

The entire trilogy embraces multiple genres, spanning from horror to sci-fi to epic fantasy. While DUSK WATCH has yet to be shot, both NIGHT WATCH and DAY WATCH revel in state-of-the-art special effects, fast-paced action and high suspense. Some view them as Russia's answer to THE MATRIX films and LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy.


NIGHT WATCH takes place in modern-day Moscow, and the fate of humanity depends on this delicate balance between the Light and Dark -- only now this fantastical cold war is beginning to unravel. An ancient prophecy foretells that one day a “Great One” will emerge, with the power to end this struggle once and for all, which casts Anton Gorodetsky (of the Light) into the center of it. Anton must bring the little boy with the power of peace to the Light.



In DAY WATCH each side has gained a powerful Great Other: Anton Gorodetsky’s son, Yegor has joined the ranks of the Dark Others, while Anton’s love Svetlana is the hope of the Light. Not only is Anton caught between them but he's accused of murder and on the run. Only the ancient Chalk of Fate can save the day -- but it was lost hundreds of years ago…

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