Watch This: Official ANOTHER EARTH trailer is here

The wait is over: the Sundance hit ANOTHER EARTH has an official trailer! Directed by Mike Cahill and starring newcomer Brit Marling and William Mapother, ANOTHER EARTH is a mysterious sci-fi drama touching upon themes of redemption, regret, and hope.

Brit Marling plays Rhoda, a bright young scientist accepted into MIT's astrophysics program who, through a series of tragic events, finds her live inextricably intertwined with John (William Mapother), a brilliant yet chronically despondent composer. Did we mention that all this intrigue takes place on the backdrop of the discovery on a second Earth, mirroring our own, visible in the sky at all times? It's a drama with the ultimate twist – and the trailer is below:

ANOTHER EARTH will be released July 22, 2011 by Fox Searchlight!

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