Top Tweets: You Like Us, You Really Like Us Edition

Two people come out on top in this week's Top Tweets – @JuddApatow, for being awesome and loving WIN WIN, and Paul Giamatti, who has become some sort of Twitter god for the bearded film nerd (at least, he has on our Twitter feed). Who shall reign supreme?

Oh all the (positive?) reactions we've gotten from WIN WIN, this is by far the best. @BritePromos, if you're reading, PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

Ooh, sassed! The ball is in your court, Paul – oh, what was that? Your court is full of awards? Our bad, guess we'll just have to hold on to the ball then.

@carlloeb is back for round two, this time with a sound assessement of Paul Giamatti's place in the American cultural cannon. Well said, sir.

Why yes, @MrControversy83, we do accept compensation of awesomeness in the form of ego rubs at @foxsearchlight! In all honesty, though, we're huge Twitter users and tweets like this totally warm our heart. We're just doing it for the kids, you guys.

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