Top Tweets: Tweeting with the Stars Edition

    It's the time again: TOP TWEETS, where we dissect what the heck is going on on our Twitter feed. This week, we have a super special, star-studded MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE edition, so let's get to it. First of all, HAVE YOU EVER been more into anyone than @wescraven? Seriously, the 14-year-old in us just screamed a little bit. We mean, what better seal of approval for a thriller than from the master himself?

    Full disclosure: we met @JulietteLewis at a holiday party last year, and we think she might have thought we were someone else, HOWEVER we had a very edifying conversation, therefore it totally counts. The fact that she's so into MARTHA makes her even cooler, in our opinion.

    So that was pretty cool, right? OH WAIT, even cooler: @pattonoswalt. We could go on about how awesome Patton is, but just watch this (we say "It looked like Andy Rooney crying" all the time).

    Oh Jordan, if you wanted prizes, you should have participated in our #MARTHAMARCYMAYMARLENE contest! Oh, well, next time!

    As you very well know, MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE is out NOW, so get yourself to the nearest theater if you have yet to see Sean Durkin's psychological thriller! Check out our Theater Post for playdates.

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