Top Tweets: The Secret Life of the American Teenage Cinephile Edition

    It's that time again: Inside Searchlight Top Tweets, where we scour our Twitter feed for the most interesting 140-character blurbs our followers are saying this week. We start off with @aj_calhoun, to whom we wish to say, you know, you could have just asked. You never know when the Searchlight Fairy will be feeling generous.


    Call us ignorant, but up until today we actually didn't realize that @iamdjflava was an actual, real-life DJ, and not a character dreamt up by Brit Marling and Mike Cahill. But hey, there is room for all of us here on Earth 1... and probably Earth 2.

    SHHHH! @cullendean – we hope you haven't told anyone! No spoilers, dude.

    Ah, THE TREE OF LIFE: still blowing minds after all these months. The Wikipedia entry for the movie is pretty solid though, so if you feel in the same predicament as @HughAcheson, feel free to consult.

    Do you, @csweda? WELL, not only can you see her in a bunch of upcoming movies (including our very own THE SOUND OF MY VOICE, coming soon), you can also check out this interview we did with the lovely lady a few weeks back when she was a guest on Jimmy Fallon. Enjoy!

    And there you have it; another weeks, another Top Tweets under our collective belt. If you want too get in touch with us, please feel free to do so at @foxsearchlight. We literally have Tweetdeck open 24/7 so we'll proooooobably get it.

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