Top Tweets: One Fassbender Performance To Rule Them All Edition

New year, new schedule – while we're swimming neck-deep in Awards shenanigans over at Searchlight HQ, we may have neglected our first love, Twitter, a little bit over the last weeks. No more! Time for a Top Tweet post to set things right.

Above we have acclaimed thespian Elijah Wood professing his love for Steve McQueen's sexual addition drama SHAME. In a year where Michael Fassbender (codname: "Fassy", and we don't care who feels otherwise) seemed to have been in dozens of films, we're really psyched that his role in SHAME is getting so much buzz. Thanks, Elijah (he's reading, right?)!


We had a really elaborate plan to photoshop George Clooney onto a bottle of shampoo just now and write all sorts of brilliantly hilarious copy, but as stated earlier in this post, things are a little pressed for time in the office. If anyone would like to take a crack at it, we'd be happy to send you... erm... some stuff from our desk.

Who says you need CGI or 3D glasses or anything to create a fantastical dreamworld where left is right and up is down? ALL IT TAKES IS SOME IMAGINATION, CHILDREN.

Believe us, we're on Tumblr about 80% of our waking hours. Actually, we have a camera crew following us for a documentary about our addiction right now. Wait, what is everyone doing in the conference room? MOM??

Your snark hits us where is hurts, young man. We love Clooney, but like, we LOVE Dr. Who. Almost as much as we love Tumblr.

Back on the theme of Internet addiction, if you'd like to contact us via Twitter, you can do so at @foxsearchlight. Weekly, we pick our favorite tweets and put them on the blog. So until next week...

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