Top Tweets: Creepy Post-BLACK SWAN Ballet Mirror Edition

    Welcome to Top Tweets--a new weekly Inside Searchlight feature where we shine a spotlight on fans and VITs (Very Important Tweeple, obviously), and select our top five Searchlight-centirc tweets of the week. Above, @KathrynELong paints a semi-disturbing scene of herself and a friend who seem... excessively effected directly after a viewing of BLACK SWAN. Oh, to be a fly on that wall..

    The big news on the Playboy front this past week was that @HughHefner is engaged to a woman 60 years his junior (no judgement, Hef!). The second biggest news story, we reckon, was how much the randy octogenarian loved BLACK SWAN. Maybe it inspired him to pop the question? Date night!

    Thank you, @MichaelIanBlack, for stating the obvious. Though, thanks for not leaking the whole "Vincent-Cassel-is-French" thing.

    When we posted the CEDAR RAPIDS trailer a few weeks ago, we knew people were going to love it, but we had no idea the part that would strike the biggest chord with comedy fans would be Isiah Whitlock Jr.'s dead-on The Wire line. See for yourself:


    Lastly, the UK are getting their first does of 127 HOURS fever this week, as the film was officially released there this past Tuesday. Here, comedian @GaryDelaney toes the line, but you know what? We giggled.

    We're literally on Twitter 24/7, so please feel free to drop us an @reply. Who knows, you might just be included in the next edition of... TOP TWEETS!

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