Three (500) DAYS Photos and Poz Sundance Reviews!

    Three (500) DAYS Photos, Plus Poz Sundance Reviews!

    The first three photos are now here from (500) DAYS OF SUMMER, which opens July 24th and recently made its debut at the Sundance Film Festival. Plus, get a load of the quickly growing collection of raves from the online press who attended screenings, and watch's video interview with (500) DAYS director Marc Webb. embedded below.

    And finally: haven't yet checked out the teaser trailer that just came out this week? Watch it here at the new teaser site for the film.

    "Terrific. Major box-office potential. Joseph Gordon Leavitt gives his most mature performance yet... The script is a whiz-bang showcase with the verve and speed of one of last year's best films, REPRISE. They had us at hello..."  - New York Magazine

    "There are always outstanding indie gems like this at Sundance every year, but it's even more amazing to set high expectations have them still be surpassed. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER did just that - it took everything I was hoping this would be and gave me so much more. A wonderful, must see, authentic indie gem. 10 out of 10." -

    "Clearly the biggest crowd-pleaser at this year's festival. What could easily be seen as a SAY ANYTHING... for the younger generation, the film's Sundance premiere received a standing ovation from the audience, and one can expect that when it opens in July, it will be another Searchlight hit in the vein of GARDEN STATE and ONCE."

    "It’s creative, surprising, insightful, and a must see for any lover of great film. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER is without question one of the best films to grace Sundance, and maybe one of the very best movies anybody will see all year." - Cinemablend

    "Here on the official third day of the 2009 Sundance Film Festival, I have found the source of all the warmth and sunshine that has festival goers ditching their winter coats and donning their designer sunglasses: it is first time director Mark Webb’s sweet, charming romantic comedy (500) DAYS OF SUMMER , a movieso bright and full of life that it just might have energy enough to keep the state of Utah warm well into next month. A+." - Film School Rejects

    "(500) DAYS OF SUMMER is the type of wonderful, charming indie romantic comedy that gives you butterflies while you watch it." - Slashfilm

    "A chick flick for guys, a character-driven workplace comedy in the Billy Wilder/Cameron Crowe mold, a new spin on a familiar genre, (500) DAYS OF SUMMER is one of the best films I've seen so far in Park City." - HitFlix

    "Grade A. Funny, interesting, innovative, and worthy of your love. See it whether you're single, married, or anything in-between." -

    "It's perfect. If I had it my way (and could get away with it) that would be my review. That's exactly what I was thinking as the closing credits were rolling... I can say that at this moment, I think it's perfect." - Collider

    "Sundance may have found its first must-see movie of the festival. (500) DAYS OF SUMMER received a rapturous standing ovation... The impact [the filmmakers] made Saturday night is what Sundance is supposed to be about." - USA Today

    "Everyone that has seen this movie so far has absolutely raved about it, and it immediately goes to the top of the favorite Sundance movies list. Expect this to be the next JUNO, and that makes me very happy. Overall Rating: 5 out of 5." -

    "This is one of the smartest, funniest, and most insightful movies I've ever seen about the practical side of modern romance. The only apt comparison I can think of is the legendary ANNIE HALL, and while I realize that that's some really high praise, I actually think it fits." - Cinematical


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