The winners of the RUBY SPARKS poster contest are revealed!

It was a long, arduous process of elimination, but the winners of our Make Ruby Real poster contest have finally been chosen!

There were 10 winners in all – 5 winners based on the number of legitimate reblogs/likes, and we chose an additional 5 designers who really wowed us with their talent, and their interpretation of the movie. Each winner will receive a limited run of posters for their personal keepsake. Without further ado...


by Atheneas

by Mynameispeter

by Thegoodnaysayer

by Angiescreativecorner

by Alwaysanoriginal


by Lifecrushed

by Olympusatnoon

by Breakincaseofemergency

by Trumpetwithme

by jasp3ck

Thanksto all for participating! To check out all of the awesome submissions we got, head over to Remember: you're all winners.

RUBY SPARKS is in theaters now! Check out the official site for more info, and you can follow our own Tumblr adventures at

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