The CHOKE Poster's Getting Great Buzz Online!

    The CHOKE Poster's Getting Great Buzz Online!

    I did a quick search for online reactions to the new poster CHOKE -- Fox Searchlight's film to be released in September -- and was delighted to find such positive results! See below for a sampling:


    "I love it"

    "What's this? An art-designed poster for a motion picture? A poster that actually would look good on your wall as a piece of art and not just as an advertisement for your personal tastes? Holy shit!"

    "Oh Fox Searchlight, your marketing department continues to make me happy. I may not like Daddy Fox (or more accurately, they may not like me), but you guys are aces. And this teaser poster for Choke, starring the great Sam Rockwell as a sex addict and possible clone of Christ, is an example of why. The film has been slightly pushed back to September (to give them time to rescore the film? One can hope. It was the movie's only major problem, in my opinion), but you can bide your time by enjoying this sucker. Get it?"


    "I’m not sure I get the symbology, but it’s certainly a cool looking image."

    "The first poster for 'Choke' has been released online, courtesy of Fox Searchlight, and it's definitely one that catches your eye. Heck, if I was walking down the street and spotted a hot pink poster featuring the silhouette of a guy eating a girl in high heels, I'd certainly be interested -- then again, I'm dirty like that."

    "Here’s our first look at the movie's poster. I haven’t read much Palahniuk but this poster certainly carries the imagery of the covers of his novels. I like it."


    "The 'Choke' poster is a tease!"

    "Classy and simple two-tone palette representing a provocative silhouette - doncha just love a good juxtaposition?"



    CHOKE opens in theatres across the country September 26th

    Check out the movie's new Web page Wednesday, May 28th

    And if you haven't yet seen the poster click here.

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