Talent From THE NAMESAKE Talk About Their Film

THE NAMESAKE's Mira Nair, actors Tabu and Irrfan Khan and writer Sooni Taraporevala sat for a lengthy and quite interesting interview with Movie City News' David Poland. Watch it via the embedded video below!

Mira Nair's THE NAMESAKE is the story of the Ganguli family, whose move from Calcutta to New York evokes a lifelong balancing act: to meld to a new world without forgetting the old. Though parents Ashoke and Ashima (Irfan Khan, Tabu) long for the family and culture that enveloped them in India, they take great pride in the opportunities their sacrifices have afforded their children. Paradoxically, their son Gogol (Kal Penn) is torn between finding his own unique identity without losing his heritage. Even Gogol's name represents the family's journey into the unknown.

Fox Searchlight's THE NAMESAKE opened in March 2007. The film makes it DVD debut on November 27th. Visit its Web page here.

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