STOKER director Park Chan-wook featured in Entertainment Weekly

    Along with several of his compatriots, maverick director Park Chan-wook, who directed our upcoming film STOKER, was just featured in Entertainment Weekly in an article about genre-pushing filmmakers from South Korea. The piece really delves deep and gives you an idea of how STOKER fits in seamlessly with his Korean-language cannon of films.


    In it, Park speaks about working with one of our most A-list actors, Nicole Kidman:

    Kidman, who was interested in playing the lead mother role in STOKER, Park said, was the director’s first choice, and also respectful of the language barrier. “Not only is she an actress who trusts in the filmmaker, she’s very passionate doing good work that would satisfy the director,” said Park. “It felt she decided very resolutely to be more considerate of a director from overseas. I felt very looked after by Nicole.” It also helped that STOKER co-producer Wonjo Jeong acted as a translator. “In order to reduce the amount of time lost on set because of translation and communication, I tried to have as much rehearsal time as possible with the actors,” Park sad. “During that, I went through each line of dialogue, I listened to what the actors thought about each line. There were arguments, but we were on the same page.”

    You can see the result of all those hours of rehearsal when STOKER is released on March 1, 2012. For more info, check out the film's official site.

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