Steve Van Zandt fully endorses SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN

It's fair to assume that Steve Van Zandt is a man's man. As a founding member of Bruce Springsteen and the E-Steret band, as well as portraying Silvio Dante on HBO's iconic mobster series The Sopranos, we picturing him daily breaking open a keg while idyly playing blues riffs on his Fender Stratocaster. We're pleased to report, then, that our preconceived notion of Mr. Van Zandt has been shattered today, as he has just come out as a massive SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN appreciator!

This weekend Steven published an essay on the Huffington Post where he lauds SNOW FLOWER for "actually giving hope" and calls it "one of the year's best." Who said men can't emote? Clearly the story of two Chinese women's immortal friendship struck a chord.  Here's an excerpt:

As our society spends day after day fighting desperately to keep itself from drowning in the lowest common denominator level cultural mediocrity imposed upon it, the filmmakers here need to be recognized and thanked for aspiring to, supporting the pursuit of, and achieving this moment of greatness.
You are setting higher standards which our younger generations need to see. This work is a significant contribution to the art form and the history of film, and something you can be proud of forever.

You can read the full story here
. SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN is out now nationally. Check out our Theater Post for more details!

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