Some Good News From the Box Office...

Fox Searchlight has four movies in theaters right now!

  • ONCE
  • and the long-running THE NAMESAKE!

A full-page color ad (pictured) is running in both the NY Times and LA Times today. (And we ran an alternate full-page color ad this past weekend.) This is only the second time in Searchlight's history that we've run four movies simultaneously in theaters -- the last time was in 2004, with NAPOLEON DYNAMITE, SIDEWAYS, I HEART HUCKABEES and KINSEY.

WAITRESS came in #5 at the box office last weekend -- and on only 510 screens -- grossing over $4M! Considering that the weekend's sixth, seventh, and eight best performing films each played on at least three times that number of screens, it was great news for us. WAITRESS's total box office draw is now over $7M. For more WAITRESS news click on one of the stories below:

ONCE expanded to 20 more screens last weekend and grossed a whopping $21,700 per screen. It's doing so well, we may expand at a faster rate than we'd originally planned. And have I mentioned yet the rave reviews it's receiving? ONCE rates a whopping 97% on Rotten Tomatoes -- the highest I've seen for a film there in recent memory. For a lil' ONCE-related entertainment check out the following:

  • The ONCE Tour Diary: Life on the Bus (one of six tour diaries, all available here)
  • "Falling Slowly" - Performance by Glen & Marketa (one of many musical vignettes and performance clips, also all available here.)
  • "The Hoover Guy Song" - An animated short that will make you laugh
  • And buy the ONCE soundtrack if you're a fan of what you hear!


Finally, THE NAMESAKE is now in its 13th week -- and even as the number of screens it's playing on begins to drop, its box office results only dropped 16% last weekend. Grand total at the box office so far: Over $13M. If you haven't seen its official Web page, click here.

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