Slums of Beverly Hills

    A story of a teenage girl struggling to grow up in a lower-middle-class family that moves every few months in the late 1970's.

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    Directed by: Tamara Jenkins
    Written by: Tamara Jenkins
    Cast: Natasha Lyonne, Alan Arkin, Marisa Tomei, David Krumholtz, Kevin Corrigan, Jessica Walter

    Vivian Abromowitz's family are penniless nomads, moving from one cheap apartment to another in Beverly Hills so that Vivian and her brothers can attend the city's schools. Her father Murray, a divorced 65-year-old who refuses to retire, works as an unsuccessful Oldsmobile salesman. Vivian's wealthy Uncle Mickey (Carl Reiner) regularly sends the family money to help them survive. When Mickey's 29-year-old daughter Rita (Tomei) runs away from a rehab facility, Murray (Arkin) offers her shelter if Mickey will pay for a plush apartment...

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