SHAME released today on Blu-ray, DVD and iTunes!

The wait is over – Steve McQueen's psychological drama, SHAME, is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and in the iTunes Movie Store! Watch Michael Fassbender's Golden Globe-nominated performance as Brandon, a young New Yorker in the dark throes of a sex addiction.




SHAME tells the story of Brandon, an emotionally detached business man whose descent into self-loathing and sex addiction is hastened by the unannounced arrival of Sissy (Academy Award-nominee Carey Mulligan), his semi-estranged (and equally damaged) sister. British filmmaker Steve McQueen (who worked with Fassbender on his critically acclaimed first feature, Hunger), tautly weaves these two people's wrenching narrative amidst picture-perfect portrayals of downtown Manhattan.

SHAME holds a very respectable "80% fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Here is what some of the critics said during the film's release last year:

Kenneth Turran of the LA Times wrote:

SHAME  a dispassionate treatment of a disturbing topic, and therein lies its power. Sexually graphic enough to earn its NC-17 rating yet made with a restraint that's both unflinching and unnerving, this is a psychologically claustrophobic film that strips its characters bare literally and figuratively, leaving them, and us, nowhere to hide.

The Washington Post's Ann Hornaday was equally impressed:

As in "Hunger," McQueen favors long, uninterrupted takes, which gives Fassbender's extraordinary gift for expression free rein. In any other actor's hands, Brandon would be an impossibly repellent character, but Fassbender infuses him with enough sympathy and vulnerability to make him not just watchable but unforgettable.

And Peter Travers from Rolling Stone lauds Mulligan's role as Sissy:

Mulligan is in every way sensational. McQueen's camera holds her in relentless closeup as she sings "New York, New York" with an aching  slowness that defies the snappy essence of the tune but speaks volumes about the pain she's endured. In a coup de cinema, Mulligan makes that one number into a movie all its own. Shame is too blistering and brutal to cozy up to. But Fassbender and Mulligan are dynamite. And McQueen is a born provocateur. There's no easy way to shake off SHAME . It gets in your head.


Here is the scene that Travers is referencing: Sissy's heart-wrenching cover of "New York, New York":


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