Searchlight's Natalya: The Night Watch Books

Searchlight's own Russian-born Natalya answered a few of our questions about the "Night Watch" novels, which ultimately spawned the movies NIGHT WATCH (2006) and its sequel DAY WATCH (June 1st, 2007).

See what Natalya had to say below!

Is the author of "The Night Watch" novels, Sergei Lukyanenko, well-known in Russia?

"Most definitely. He is one of the most popular science fiction writers in Russia. Since the 1980's Sergei wrote around 30 novels. The famous "Night Watch" books were published around 1998 and eventually sold over 2 million copies worldwide."

Could you name an American author with a similar level of popularity/fame in this country?

"Dan Brown ('The Da Vinci Code'), James Patterson ('Cross'), and Stephen King."

Why do you think the "Night Watch" books received all the attention they did in Russia?

"I think Sergei’s strikingly original writing style made him very popular. Every single book has elements of suspense, psychological drama, and humor (all at the same time!) His books are so engaging and addictive that once you start reading, you literally can’t stop."

What role did the books play in the success of their cinematic counterparts?

"The popularity of the books definitely played a tremendous role in the success of Day Watch and Night Watch films. These books are so intriguing, thought-provoking, and original that they will make anyone anxious to see Night Watch and Day Watch. I am sure everyone who has read the novels has also watched both films."

How closely do the films NIGHT WATCH and DAY WATCH follow their literary predecessors?

"The novels are quite different from the movies. NIGHT WATCH barely follows the events in the book, and DAY WATCH only covers a second half of that same book. Confused? If you’re a big fan of the film, then I highly recommend reading 'Nochnoy Dozor,' as it makes the film far more coherent and enjoyable."

Tell me your overall impressions of each of those two books.

"What I really like about these books is the fact that they have a philosophical side: they touch upon a fundamental human dilemma as to what it is that separates good from bad in the most mundane sense (as opposed to the extreme saintly vs. evil sense). This exploration (which is helped by the author being a qualified psychiatrist) is what gives the books its depth and makes them more introspective and existential."

To our viewers: Have you read any of the "Night Watch" books? If so share your thoughts about them in the "Comments" box below.

Also, be on the lookout for an upcoming video of Natalya talking about the movies DAY WATCH and NIGHT WATCH -- coming soon!

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