Prepare yourselves for the mind explosion of CEDAR RAPIDS in Cedar Rapids

The phrase "Cedar Rapids" has two meanings: obviously, the town of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and CEDAR RAPIDS, the new Fox Searchlight comedy starring Ed Helms that you should be well acquainted with if you read this blog to even the slightest degree. This past weekend, these two things combined, and man, were the results explosive! Luckily, Channel 7 KWWL Cedar Rapids was there to cover the story. This is actually kind of amazing.

Even though the film wasn't technically shot in the actual Cedar Rapids (another tale for another time), it's genuinely awesome to see real-life Cedar Rapidians (didn't realize that was the proper nomenclature!) have a positive reaction to the movie.

Also, she says "Cedar Rapids" 12 times.

CEDAR RAPIDS is out in theaters now, you can check out our Theater Post to find out where it's playing near you!

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