Next week, you will hear the SOUND OF MY VOICE

Up next from us at Searchlight is a new film we hold near and dear: Zal Batmanglij's SOUND OF MY VOICE, starring ANOTHER EARTH's Brit Marling as a super enigmatic cult leader who may or may not be a stranded, time-traveling emissary from the future. The film opened at lots of top-notch festivals last year, and before we tell you all about what's to come with SOMV, let's take a short look into the past, so to speak.

Back when the film opened at SXSW 2011, here's what film blog The Film Stage had to say:

SOUND OF MY VOICE feels completely realistic, completely plausible. There’s a looming sense of uneasiness buried beneath the surface that keeps you unnerved and engulfed. It’s movies like this that make film festivals worth going to.

Erik Davis of experienced the movie like this:

With SOUND OF MY VOICE [...] everything is intricately tied together into one unbelievably engrossing narrative that keeps you guessing until the very last second (and possibly beyond). Is Maggie from the future, or is she simply scamming everyone who crosses her path? That's the biggest question in the film, and Marling -- along with her co-writer and first-time director Zal Batmanglij -- provide the most brilliant answer that will have you talking long after the end credits roll.

Eric Kohn, resident arthouse buff at Indiewire reviewed SOUND OF MY VOICE for Sundance 2011:

Batmanglij generates a Spielbergian sense of wonder -- facing down forces that defy immediate rationalization, pitting them against cold objectivity, and letting the mystery linger with a sudden cut to black. declared it one of the best movies they saw at last year's SXSW:


Even though I saw SOUND OF MY VOICE at the exhausting SXSW Film Festival, the moment it concluded I wished I could just hit repeat and see it all over again.  There a hundred things to discuss, but I can't do it without spoilers.  I can't wait for the rest of the world to see this movie. It is unpredictable and endlessly fascinating.

Gabe Toro from Indiewire's The Playlist gave the film an [A], saying:

Zal Batmanglij’s directorial debut creates the milieu of limited visual possibilities that nonetheless brims with ideas. [The director's] first feature is assured in that he has made a film that defies easy categorization.


Next week, we will be unveiling multiple facets of the SOUND OF MY VOICE universe – big things are in the works. The intrigue begins here. Watch this space for developments!

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