MilkMade create semantic maps around the story of SOUND OF MY VOICE

    One of the things that makes SOUND OF MY VOICE such a mind-trip is that it is totally open to interpretation: where Maggie is for real or not, where she's from, who her followers are and where they're going—it's all pretty much relative, until the very last moment (and even then, not exactly). Milk Studios in NYC have been making waves recently with their MilkMade culture blog, and today they posted some interesting "semantic maps" that isolate key quotes from SOUND OF MY VOICE and mingle them with some powerful ideas sprouted from the story.


    "Are evolved humans more pessimistic?" "How unsure is Maggie about being a figment of her own imagination?" Makes you think, doesn't it?

    SOUND OF MY VOICE is out now in select theaters! Check out the official site for more info.

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