In her memoir Wild: From Lost To Found on the Pacific Crest Trail, Cheryl Strayed faces a grueling, 1100-mile hike alone. Well, not quite: her ginormous backpack, which she ends up lovingly naming "Monster", is a constant, physical reminder of the metaphorical weight she carries throughout her journey of self-discovery. 

In Jean-Marc Vallée's (DALLAS BUYERS CLUB) drama WILD, based on Cheryl's book, Academy Award-winner Reese Witherspoon carries Monster like a companion through scorching heat, dangerous snowfall, and chance encounters, gaining trust in herself and trust in her pack with each step of the way. On our new microsite, you can now see exactly what went into Monster to make him/her so... monstrous! Make sure to also visit out official site for more pieces of the WILD experience!

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