Meet DARJEELING's Up-and-Coming Star Amara Karan

    Amara Karan plays the sweet lime girl on board the Darjeeling Limited in Wes Anderson's fifth film -- and she's already making waves, now in the beginning stages of her acting career. dubs her THE DARJEELING LIMITED's "Desi British Hottie," while The Daily Mail details her averted pursuit of a banking career. Now you can find out more abut this up-and-coming young talent by checking out snippets from the two articles (below), or by going directly to the sites themselves: or The Daily Mail.



    "Amara Karan is fast becoming famous across America as the actress who banned her London-based mother from seeing her in 'The Darjeeling Limited' thanks to the scorching kissing scenes in the art-house hit."

    "'Don't Look, Mom,' was the headline of a news item on her in The New York Post. 'If she were to see all those kissing scenes, she would be horrified,' the actress, who makes her movie debut in the film, says. 'Like most mothers from Sri Lanka [Images] or India, she is very conservative.'"


    "'Karan makes a strong impression as the sexy, sweet lime girl,' declared the influential trade publication, Variety."

    "The film 'avoids obvious temptations to exoticism by surprising us; the stewardess on the train, for example, speaks standard English and seems American,' [Roger Ebert] wrote. 'This is Rita (Amara Karan); she comes round offering them a sweet lime drink, which is Indian enough, but later when Jack (Schwartzman) sticks his head out a train window, he sees her head sticking out, too, as she puffs on a cigarette. Soon they are in each other's arms, not very Indian of her.'"

    "'In terms of what is expected of Indian actresses, my role may surprise some people,' she says. 'But that is what I like about this character. She lives outside the box but she is not a shallow character. She too has feelings and she is hurt in the end by the whirlwind affair with a stranger.'"

    "She adds: 'For someone like me, who is just starting her career, this was heavenly. I saw Rita as a smart person who is tired of doing this monotonous job on the train,' she muses. 'When she sees the three brothers and watches Jack (Schwartzman) looking at her, she thinks he could be a gateway toward a more exciting life. She is intrigued by these seemingly eccentric, young and sprightly brothers. They are full of life and energy.'"

    "What were her toughest scenes in The Darjeeling Limited? 'The physical scenes, of course,' she says chuckling. Some of the scenes were shot in a train toilet which was not particularly clean. 'I was apprehensive and tense,' she says. 'But Jason (Schwartzman) has been around for many years as an actor and he has done variety of roles. He made me feel comfortable.'"

    "In another scene, she has to deal with a live snake. 'I almost fainted,' she confesses. 'I am very squeamish when it comes to snakes, like most people I guess. But Wes told me, Rita would not behave the way you do. Think you are Rita, he said, and you will be alright.'"


    From The Daily Mail's "Banker's Foray Into Film Pays Dividends"


    "Amara Karan was an investment banker specialising in mergers and acquisitions before exiting the corporate world for an uncertain life as an actress."


    "'It was a massive risk. I thought: 'Are you going to make any money?'' And she wondered if she would end up joining the thousands of others who can't make a living out of the business."

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