MARTHA MARCY MAY MARLENE's Sean Durkin does Indiewire's Filmmaker Talk

    ...and don't forget to pick up the Blu-ray/DVD next Tuesday, 2/21!

    As a part of Indiewire's Film Talk series, this Monday (2/20) director Sean Durkin will screen and discuss MARY LAST SEEN, the short/prequel to MARTHA. It's a free event at NYC's Lincoln Center, at 7:00. See you there! There's also a Facebook Event with more info.

    The day after, you'll finally be able to own MARTHA on Blu-ray, DVD and on iTunes (click the links to pre-order). If you prefer your media physical, this is what you'll be holding in your hands come next week:

    Spiffy, huh? MARTHA is also up for 3 Independent Spirit Awards: Best First Feature for Sean, Best Actress for Elizabeth Olsen, and Best Supporting Actor for John Hawkes. Check out what other awards the film has gotten this season with our Tally Post.

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