It's often said that Wes Anderson's sets of pastel overload and picture-perfect geometrical shapes are pretty enough to eat. Well, literally in this case, as a lot of the color palette in the masterful director's new comedy THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL are based around the fictional bakery Mendl's and their legendary "courtesan au chocolat", a tasty confection that many of the film's characters find close to godliness. Now, exclusively on Buzzfeed Food, you can watch a video detailing the (suprisingly simple?) recipe to concoct your own coutesans! Impress your friends! Dazzle your family! Pretend you're holding court at the Budapest with M. Gustave himself! Anything is possible with the power of gourmet cuisine. 

    Read all about the recipe here!


    THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL opens wider this Friday! For a list of cities, visit our blog

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