JUST WRIGHT's Common On Flirty Women, Queen On Not Partying Like She Used to, Pam Grier's Play List, More (VIDEO)

Find out what Common meant when he told NPR, "Most women that approach me... They try the spiritual route." Listen to Pam Grier's favorite tunes. Learn how director Sanaa Hamri got to where she is now. Read what the biggest changes have been in Queen's life over the last ten years. Plus, watch video from the NBA and check out the latest online buzz. JUST WRIGHT is now playing in theatres.



Queen and Common also appeared on Rachael Ray today - watch video from their appearance on the show's site.

NPR: Common, Sanaa Hamri Get It Just Wright" (AUDIO)

NPR: "I feel like I've personally met [Paula Patton's character Morgan]. You know, you're at some fancy joint and she's knocking you over in her five-inch heels to get to the rich guys. Common, do you run into this sort of thing in your rapper persona?"

Common: "You know, most of the time the women that approach me, they kind of come on on the more conscious. They try the spiritual route. They'll strike a conversation about something that they feel is going to interest me and they can prove that they, you know, have an avenue that can get to me and spark an interest. But I, you know, I've learned to not judge people in those situations. And like I said, I'm pretty aware. So if I feel like somebody has the wrong intentions for me, then I just keep them at an arm's distance."

NPR: "In Your Ear - Pam Grier's Play List" (AUDIO)

Pam's got a new memoir out as well.

Pam Grier: "I listen to Anugama, and it is a Tibetan chimes, spa or yoga music that I put on in the morning. It's called "Shamanic Dreams II." (Hear a soundbyte of the music.) I practice yoga and breathing and my dogs love it and I can look out over the trees and the forests and the pasture, and it looks like the trees are dancing to this music. There's just no - and it's just so calming and soothing..."

The NBA's Preview of JUST WRIGHT

CBS: "Is Hoops Film the Wright Stuff for Latifah?" (VIDEO)

CBS: "Look back over the last 10 years and tell me, what are the biggest changes you see? How have you evolved as an actress, as a person?"

Queen: "As an actress I've grown more comfortable and I think I've gotten a lot better. I think I can just call upon things a lot quicker. You know, I've gotten to do a lot more business-wise - grown in that sense. As a person, I've learned a lot more about myself and become stronger. I've been through my ups and downs - that's ten years worth of time. Uh... I don't party as much (laughs). I've learned how to chill out a lot more, because I'm the type of person who definitely can go hard at whatever I do. I go hard, so I've learned how to kind of take it a little bit easy and just slow down a little bit and enjoy life. I mean I always enjoy life, but really appreciate different things about life."

LA Weekly: "Sanaa Hamri - Through an L.A. Lens"

Photo by Kevin Scanlon

"Born in Morocco, Hamri moved to New York at 17 to study acting at Sarah Lawrence. She edited, then directed music videos, and after seven years, work brought her out West, never to return. 'I'm a super-duper L.A. fan,' she says. 'I wouldn't live anywhere else.'"

Urblife.com: "Lights, Camera, Action! Hamri Directs Just Wright"

Urblife: "Having cast a pair of leads from music, how big of a part was music on the set?"

Sanaa Hamri: "Queen has been acting for a long time, but I will say that working with actors who come from musical backgrounds like Queen and Common brings a sense of rhythm to scenes and a sense of collaborative exchange with them. It’s not like a party on set, but there was a time with a long lighting setup, it was 2:00 am and the energy was down. I was being the DJ using Latifah’s Ipod, trying to keep the energy going. We had those moments, but integrating a musicality into acting is what makes things flow effortlessly."

"Talk Stoop: Common"

Newsblaze.com: Interview With Common

Newsblaze: "Do you think black musical artists are misrepresented in the mainstream media?"

Common: "Yeah, absolutely. Rap artists tend to be stereotyped in one way, as if they all wear chains, curse, flash money and abuse women. It's unfair not to look at them as individuals with different personalities. That's what I like about my character Scott in Just Wright. Even though he's an NBA star, he's not depicted simplistically as a superficial person, but as a sensitive, complex individual who's looking for true love and finds it in a beautiful package he didn't expect."

TheUnexperiencedMom.com: Conference Call With "Claire Huxtable"

Pictured: Queen and Phylicia Rashad at the New York City premiere of JUST WRIGHT

TUM: "As a mom, how would you help your son understand that he’s missing out on quality catches, much like Scott McKnight did when he didn’t see Leslie as dating material?"

Phylicia Rashad: "The thing about being a mom is it’s like a delicate dance. You have to know your child’s personality and know when, how, and how much to say things, as well as when not to say anything. Sometimes we force them in the wrong direction by being too forceful with what we hope they’ll do. My character, Ella McKnight, sees clearly that her son is making a choice that isn’t necessarily the best one. She has to be present and supportive; be kind and play a lot! You’ve imparted an understanding onto your child and you have to trust in that."

Creative Loafing (Charlotte): Interview With Queen

CL: "What cause are you most passionate about?"

Queen: "I'm passionate about children, particularly, whether it’s education, HIV prevention, treating HIV and AIDS, or protecting young girls from being molested."

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