iTunes Movie Of the Week: Jason Reitman's THANK YOU FOR SMOKING (2006)

    THANK YOU FOR SMOKING marked Jason Reitman's directorial debut, ultimately followed by his Oscar-winning JUNO and Oscar-nominated UP IN THE AIR. It was based on the 1994 novel by Christopher Buckley. The film was first released in theatres March 17, 2006 and stars a huge cast, including Aaron Eckhart, Maria Bello, Cameron Bright, Adam Brody, Sam Elliott, Katie Holmes, David Koechner, Rob Lowe, William H. Macy, JK Simmons and Robert Duvall.



    The hero of THANK YOU FOR SMOKING is Nick Naylor (Aaron Eckhart), chief spokesman for Big Tobacco, who makes his living defending the rights of smokers and cigarette makers in today's neo-puritanical culture. Confronted by health zealots out to ban tobacco and an opportunistic senator (William H. Macy) who wants to put poison labels on cigarette packs, Nick goes on a PR offensive, spinning away the dangers of cigarettes on TV talk shows and enlisting a Hollywood super-agent (Rob Lowe) to promote smoking in movies. Nick's newfound notoriety attracts the attention of both tobacco's head honcho (Robert Duvall) and an investigative reporter for an influential Washington daily (Katie Holmes). Nick says he is just doing what it takes to pay the mortgage, but he begins to think about how his work makes him look in the eyes of his young son Joey (Cameron Bright).

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    Excerpts From Reviews (via Metacritic)

    "The razor-sharp satire Thank You for Smoking is the wittiest dark comedy of the year thus far. It has appeal to all sides of the political spectrum."
    -- Claudia Puig, USA Today 

    "The first film in a long time with a true gift of gab. Its wisecracks actually crack wise."
    -- Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune 

    "Both sides of the political fence will feel royally skewered. All that's lacking is a warning from the Surgeon General: This film will make you laugh till it hurts."
    -- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone 

    "It's more fun than a turkey shoot. It's also one of the most entertaining riffs on American culture in years."
    -- Jack Mathews, New York Daily News 

    "Thank You is a sly, smart and very funny caricature of corporate politics and image culture. Reitman... skewers the spin machine with such wicked wit that you can't help but laugh."
    -- Sean Axmaker, Seattle Post-Intelligencer 

    "3-1/2 out of 4 stars."
    -- Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times 

    "Fierce, fast and funny."
    -- Lawrence Toppman, Charlotte Observer 

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