Inside Searchlight Social Club: Josh Horowitz of MTV News

    We love a good chat here at Inside Searchlight, especially with people who love movies as much as we do. It's essentially all we do all day--so we thought that it would behoove us to start a semi-regular feature where we interview the pop cultural players that shape our little cinephile world. And we've decided to call it: the Inside Searchlight Social Club. Think of it as our personal little version of Inside The Actors Studio, though not quite as studious and blue-index-card-based. Our first conversationalist: Josh Horowitz, MTV News' film correspondent.

    View our interview with Josh below--he had just interviewed BLACK SWAN star Mila Kunis for MTV Movie News and we discussed what it's like to speak with so many actors you admire, what he thought of BLACK SWAN, his Aronofsky fandom, if he closed his eyes during 127 HOURS, why there was a giant CYRUS poster waiting to greet us in his office, and tons of other great stuff.

    Who knows who will be next person to join the Inside Searchlight Social Club? Keep checking back to find out. If you have any ideas or requests, you know where to find us: @foxsearchlight on Twitter.

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