In Celebration Of OUR FAMILY WEDDING, a Bizarre Assortment Of Wedding Cakes

    Everyone knows what a key role the cake plays at the reception. What you may not have been aware of is the wide variety of wedding cakes there are to choose from: from movie-themed to hobby-related; decorated with ducks, deer, computer hardware or beer; and in just about any color on the spectrum. The proof is in the... cake. Click here to see what we mean. 

    OUR FAMILY WEDDING Opens In Theatres Everywhere March 12th!

    P.S. My top three cakes ("A" for effort/creativity) are at the very bottom of this post.


    Sci-fi seems to be a popular themed wedding cake. And if you want to do a sci-fi cake right, ALIEN is your ultimate choice. LOVE the faithfully represented Geiger-esque design.

    For a Goth wedding?

    Kind of a dark theme for a wedding, but I thought it was funny.

    Thanks to viewer "SN" for pointing out that this in fact a "divorce cake." Learn something new every day...

    This is one of my favorites. Both funny and entertaining to look at. I guess the plane crashed into the first tier, hence the dark spot and crumbling columns. Also notice the machine gun being fired.


    This would be a deer cake.

    Not very pretty, but it's the thought that counts... Are those gun cartridges though are at the base of the trunk? Yikes...

    Borg cakes! In case you're not a Star Trek fan, Borgs are bad guys who travel around in the cubes you see below.

    A BACK TO THE FUTURE wedding cake. And a nice job on the details. I'd feel terrible to have to slice into this. I might just bronze it.

    She's saying her groom is her Prince Charming. Now imagine everyone gathering around and watching the bride and groom feed each other frog.

    Not the colors I personally would go for, but it's fun to behold. Makes me think of Candyland.

    Someone likes their brewskies... I'm guessing the choice of cake was the groom's idea.

    LOVE. THIS. Notice the deer hoof - what is that? Do you drink out of it? Or is it just for holding spare antlers?

    Pretty! I would hope that when the first person goes to claim their cupcake (those are cupcakes I assume?) that it wouldn't come crashing down.

    Many thanks to one our viewers Eloise for clarifying what these "cupcakes" really are: " This... is a macaroon cookie tower. Those macaroons are a French cookie that are pretty pricey and the colors distinguish the different flavors such as Apricot, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coffee, Gianduja (chocolate and hazelnut), Lemon, Matcha (green tea), Peanut Butter, Pistachio, Raspberry, Vanilla and White Chocolate. The most common are pistachio, Raspberry, Vanilla, and Chocolate. Just a little FYI!"

    Not sure what the theme is here, but I dig the A) slate blue (-ish) icing B) bright purple bridal gown and C) is that a Samurai sword they're using to cut it?

    A gamer cake. Not very tasty-looking, but I admire the creativity.

    Note sure "ball and chain" is the most positive theme for a wedding cake, but I appreciate the humor.

    I love this one, though perhaps just because I love Hostess cupcakes.

    The next three shots are of an iPhone cake. I assume the bride and/or groom are from Texas based on the edible apps.

    Another one of my faves - "The Monster Truck Wedding Cake." Nice.

    Pac Man Cake

    The next two shots are of am Imperial Star Destroyer Cake. This is not the only STAR WARS-themed cake in this post, though it is the largest.

    Another of my faves. He looks psyched; she looks unsure of herself. I'd love to have been a fly on the wall when this bride and groom were deciding on their cake. "Honey, what would you think of having a tuna cake at our wedding?"

    These people are obviously not happy to be getting married.

    Not your traditional upside down cake

    A vegetable... and fish ... with ducks... cake. It's colorful?

    Van Gogh/Starry Night cake. "A" for creativity.

    Again with the STAR WARS theme. Of Jabba the Hutt, from his less flattering side. And yes it also looks like a big pile of... Again, would love to be a fly on the wall during the decision-making process.

    More on the beer theme. I'm afraid the Coors cake wins hands-down though.

    For some reason this laptop cake made me think of Parker Posey's character in BEST IN SHOW, when she and Michael Hitchcock who plays her husband describe how they first saw each other looking over their laptops, each from a different Starbucks but across from the street from the other.

    Cow Cake

    I have no idea what the green thing is either. Is it an alien? But that makes it all the more enjoyable. For that matter, what are they leaning back against?

    From a helpful viewer, Jonnie Stone: "The... cake is based on the game Katamari Damacy. The little green thing is the Prince. The thing the couple is leaning against is the Katamari, a little ball the Prince uses to roll up things to make stars with." Thanks Jonnie!


    Because it's just so bizarre.


    This one made me laugh out loud like no other. (And I laughed out loud at a number of them.) It is flat-out INSANE. And gross. And weird. And I love it. Wherever I found it they called it a wedding cake, so I'm trusting that (unverifiable, anonymous) source. The Stormtroopers are sitting in front of a Tauntaun (from THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK), the creature which Luke sliced open while lost in the tundra so he could stay warm. Long story, and hard to explain if you don't know what I'm talking about.


    It's a life-size - and cake - REPLICA OF THE BRIDE. And in the second shot she doesn't look too pleased to be stabbing her cake self. But this concept most definitely takes the proverbial cake. (Yuck yuck.)


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