Get the Inside Scoop on ONCE

The Chicago Tribune says about ONCE, "It may well be the best music film of any stripe since STOP MAKING SENSE a generation ago, and yes, that includes CHICAGO and DREAMGIRLS."

Now here's your chance to learn a lil' something about it!

(Note: Quotes from director John Carney and the film's stars, Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova, are taken from interviews in both The Irish Times and The Irish Independent.)


From the ONCE MySpace page on the 34-year-old Mr. Carney:

"According to himself, John Carney was mad about film-making from a very young age. At 17 he got a bit misdirected from this dream and became the bass player of [Glen Hansard's band] the Frames. While playing in the band, he shot numerous rock videos and made good friends for the rest of his life. He left the band in '93 with a desire to pursue a career in the movie business."

John Carney then went on to write, produce, and direct two award-winning short films, SHINING STAR and HOTEL. He followed with NOVEMBER AFTERNOON, JUST IN TIME, and ON THE EDGE (starring SUNSHINE's Cillian Murphy]. Carney has also written and directed for Irish television.

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