From the Mind Of... Nnegest Likké

    The original story idea came from my real life experience of being a plus-sized girl in America. I had no star in mind until I saw Mo'Nique in The Queens of Comedy and she blew me away! I knew I had found my lead. She was hilarious, sexy, real and totally representing for the "phat girlz." Once I saw Mo’Nique, I was so juiced to write the script that it only took me three weeks to pop out a first draft. Now all I had to do was find Mo' and get her to say yes. At the time, I had no agent and no real contacts in the industry. Without that, it can be near-impossible to get your work read. But luck was on my side. Not only did I get the script to her but she instantly fell in love with it.

    I got even luckier when a year later, I met Bobby Newmyer who also wanted to do a movie with Mo'Nique if he could find the right story. My first meeting with Bobby lasted four hours. We had an instant connection and it was like one of those soul mate matches; you know it's destiny for you and that person to do some powerful work together.

    Bobby was wild about the script and said he wanted to independently produce it. Amazing as that was, the biggest surprise was that he wanted ME to direct it. He said he thought it was written with so much passion and personal truth that I should direct it. I was speechless for like 10 minutes. It was the most surreal, happy moment of my life. I was just there as a writer to sell my script. It's hard enough for a seasoned director to get a movie made, let alone a first-timer, black and female who didn't even ask for the job. I still pinch myself sometimes at the incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity Bobby Newmyer gave me.

    The greatest thing about being able to get this movie made is that finally plus-sized women around America will have a platform to tell their story and tell it like it is for REAL. And I hope that people, especially women, take from this movie the powerful message of self love and acceptance.

    I am very proud of this movie. It was shot for a very low budget, only $2.5 million on HD instead of film. In my heart it is a perfect 10 for the beautiful story it tells. Bobby passed away last year but I know he is smiling down on me from heaven saying, "Well done, my friend. Well done."

    - Nnegest

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