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CHOKE Director, Writer and Actor Clark Gregg


What’s your favorite scene from your upcoming film and why?

"Hard to say. I love the scenes with Sam and Anjelica and the scenes at Dunsboro, the colonial re-enactment village. But I'd have to pick the scene where Victor (Sam Rockwell) shows up at the apartment of the rape fetishist (Heather Burns) he's met online in order to have sex with her in the role of her 'faceless attacker.' Watching Sam try to negotiate the proclivities of the world's most controlling masochist makes me laugh every time."

How would you describe your preparation for a film role/project?

"As an actor, the preparation ritual varies completely depending upon the requirements of the specific piece. Sometimes there's an accent to learn, or FBI training - which is mostly just an excuse to play with handcuffs and shoot guns. In 'The Adventures of Sebastian Cole' where I played a pre-op transsexual I had to wax my entire body and learn how to walk in heels, a skill that I utilize frequently to this day. With 'Choke,' which was the first film I directed, the preparation was a lot more involved. I spent several years writing the script, then months reading books and grilling director friends about what I needed to know in order to direct a dark comedy like 'Choke.' I was particularly pleased to learn during this process that the years I had spent (like the film's main character, Victor Mancini) as a dissolute, intimacy-challenged slacker could now be considered research."

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