From the Mind Of... Denzel Washington

    I am proud to have Fox Searchlight Pictures release our film Antwone Fisher during the holiday season because I believe in the triumphant message of Antwone's story. I know that this young man's spirit is what moved me to choose this film as my first directorial experience.

    As you all know during this time of year there are many films to choose from if you want to go to the movies. No matter how much advertising a movie has supporting it, a positive experience in the theatre speaks loud and clear -- and one moviegoer telling another about that positive experience is the most powerful message a film can have.

    Fox Searchlight Pictures has a history of releasing challenging films that require nurturing and champions. We ask only that if you choose to see Antwone Fisher this holiday season that you tell those you talk and e-mail with about your experience and help us champion this film.

    Wishing you and your families a season of Peace & Joy,

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