Fans Have Spoken: They Loooove Hunky Rapper-Actor Common In JUST WRIGHT

One trend you may spot in many of the following videos (not so much the John Legend one...) is the apparently unanimous opinion that Common is hot, hot, H-O-T. :) Watch video of Common and Queen on "Ellen," Common on "Wendy Williams" and also meeting fans at  Lane Bryant store. And singer John Legend extols the virtues of a certain Mr. Scott McKnight, something Common's fans were all too happy to do too. And take a look at what the ladies are saying about the rapper-turned-actor on Twitter - we've included just a few of many, many (many) examples online.

Pictured above: the magazine photo of Common Ellen showed that got her audience all hot and bothered; the helmet for a "Queen" Ellen presented to Miss Latifah (and they talked about how beautiful Common is); Scott McKnight fan John Legend and Common chatting with Ellen.

UPDATE: Check out Common on George Lopez too! Video's been added at the bottom of this post.

@MzCLT2U: "I've watched the Wendy Williams show the three times it came on to see @common"

@Kayonavanessa: "I don't know about every otha girl but @common & @Tip are the best examples of a REAL MEN ! :) Uhhhhhm, such a turn on !!"

@rahima18: "@common I ask myself why didn't Allah make more men like u?"

@lovely_wreck: "@common was on @radiobigboy @Power106LA.. i loooove him."

@ICYU_ENVY_ME: "Loving @common and @IAMQUEENLATIFAH on the Monique show. @common is distracting me from my hw and looking at him. So gorgeous inside & out"

@Rihannaisamute: "@common is one fine ass, bald-headed, paper sack brown complected, tall, sexy, neosoulic, intelligent, real-hip-hop'ic BLACK MAN!!"

@DeeFab: "I can't wait to see #JustWright this weekend!!!! with @common! *screams*"

@LipsHipsLocs: "Watching @Common on Wendy Williams.  I hate to see all these chics screaming for 'my' man.  : )"


Common Visits Ellen 

BELOW: Queen Visits Ellen

BELOW: "Scott McKnight" Visits Lane Bryant to Meet Fans 

BELOW: Common Visits Wendy Williams

(Sorry for all the promotional text.)

BELOW: John Legend On Scott McKnight

BELOW: Common Visits George Lopez

This is just one of three videos from his appearance on the show - watch the other videos here.

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